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Hive-EPM is our flagship Enterprise Performance Management suite. It translates strategy into action by linking KPIs to organization’s Objectives and aligning Objectives with Missions and Vision of the company. Enterprise performance management is a strategic management framework for planning, communicating, monitoring, learning and improving the effective performance of an enterprise. Our offering supports integration of dispersed sources of information from within and outside the enterprise to facilitate holistic performance management across the board.

Hive-EPM empowers the end users to configure the solution as per the changing needs of the enterprise. It allows business users to define new KPIs, Objectives, Missions, Vision, Perspectives or initiatives on the go, users are empowered to perform analytics that are critical in facilitating quick and efficient decision making.

Salient Features

Key Features of H-EPM are as follows:
  • Cascades strategy from Board of Directors to the line managers
  • Maps long term strategy to Tactical and Operational management
  • Links strategy to planning, budgeting, forecasting and performance monitoring
  • Integration with legacy Systems and Data Warehouses
  • React to threats and opportunities faster and responds appropriately
  • Rule Engine
  • Vendor agnostic Database and Appliance support

Business Benefits

Key Business Benefits of H-EPM are as follows:
  • Improves confidence in financial and management reports
  • Saves time and resources and improves decision-making
  • Improves business predictability and resource planning
  • Enables executives in getting performance insights at lowest levels
  • Enables alignment of KPIs with corporate Objectives
  • Enables impact assessment of a KPI on overall corporate performance
  • Simplifies complexity of management reports and helps the executive to focus on specific information
  • Enables communication across work teams leading to collaborative decision making
  • Eliminates data silos and offers a centralized view of data across the organization
  • Enables Historical Analysis of KPI’s performance in relation to defined targets
  • Provides advanced visualization capabilities like Location Intelligence, Mobile BI, Balanced Scorecards, Strategy Tree etc.
  • Information traceability and consistency
  • Provides operational, tactical, and strategic alignment
  • Performance oriented analytics fueling informed decisions
  • Enables identification of low performing areas for targeted planning
  • Enables assessment of the result of an action on overall performance of the organisation

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