H-OTA is a Dynamic Operating Theatre Analytics suite!

Whether you a profit oriented health care provider or part of a publically funded health care system, Operating Theatres constitute a major shared of operating cost and a critical asset delivering and sustaining quality health services. Hive OTA is a suite of information analytics tools to support Operational and Strategic management of Operating Theatres. Hive OTA is fully integrated with XIGT – Extended Information Governance Toolkit.

Key Features of H-OTA are as follows:

  • Out of the box solution, including Governance Toolkit for Data Dictionary / Governance Catalog
  • Operating Theatre business operations fully modelled and developed including Operating Theatres Benchmarks
  • Seamless integration with legacy Warehouse & Reporting
  • 3-4 weeks Implementation time
  • Technology Agnostic
  • 200+ Operating Theatre KPIs
  • Dynamic Semantic Model

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For more details, download our flyer explaining Hive Operating Theatre Analytics!

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