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Through the combination of our longstanding expertise in telecom sector and our growing analytical capabilities, we are finding new ways to drive innovation and empower our clients with state of the art, dynamic solutions.

Hive Telecom Insight (HTI) is our Out-of-the-Box flagship product that spans all business functions of a telco. It offers flexible, scalable, agile, technology agnostic, robust, cost-effective and comprehensive Data Warehouse Modernization & Advanced Analytical capabilities. HTI empowers the organisation with insights and analytics to help the business make timely, data driven decisions.

Key Features of H-TI are as follows:

  • Product As A Service (Paas) Offering
  • Comprehensive Telecom Industry Coverage
  • Hive Framework & Methodologies
  • Hive Information & Data Governance
  • Prebuilt Business & Design Models
  • Prebuilt Business Vocabulary
  • Prebuilt Semantic Models
  • Fully Configurable Models
  • Plug n Play Data Lake
  • Regulatory Compliant
  • Quick Change Management

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