We know how to Handle Data!

We at Hive Worx, make it our highest priority to develop user friendly, design savvy and feature rich applications that will aid the development and expansion of your business. We take pride in bringing your ideas to life in a most efficient and effective way. Our team entails brilliant developers working diligently to deliver dynamic solutions. Our experience as well as exposure, rallies years of end-to-end mobile application development.

Our understanding of customer needs, exposure to contemporary technology, and knowledge of the latest advancements make us a class above. We know how to create intricate frameworks, engaging games and database driven applications in both IOS and Android.

Our key offerings are:

  • iOS Applications for iPhone, iPad and iWatch
  • Android Applications for Mobile, Tablet and Android Wear Windows Phone Applications

Technologies we Use

Some of the key Technologies we use for our Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence services:
Oracle DB & OBIEE
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Power BI
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