Project Management Office

We evaluate client’s methodologies, processes and projects organization against industry best practices. A comprehensive recommendation is then given to the client, identifying and prioritizing project requirements, mapping them with business strategy and delivering actionable insights. Such recommendation also includes a roadmap to move from your current “as is” state to your “to be” or desired outcome.

PMO team ensures that plans, dependencies, risks, issues, changes, project documentation, quality and costs are managed in a controlled manner. PMO team also ensures that progress and exceptions are objectively reported to the relevant governance body and stakeholders. This is done in a timely and consistent manner through the project workspace and regular face-to-face or online meetings with stakeholders.

Hive Worx brings together professionals from across the globe to effectively guide, manage and support high visibility initiatives. Such professionals are highly experienced project managers, project coordinators, trainers, content managers, change managers, subject matter experts (SMEs), business analysts and IT specialists. Hive Worx also offers flexible staffing levels to support variations in client’s project workload. We offer following benefits to our clients:

  • Cost Savings: Return on investment is usually seen within 12 months
  • Optimized Sourcing Strategy: The optimal combination of cost efficiency and service quality, all backed by high operational visibility
  • Enhanced Resource Usage: The optimal organizational structure, for both location and required skills & competencies
  • Risk Mitigation: An effective benchmarking model that analyzes your functions and recommends appropriate solutions
  • Best Practice Implementation: Expertise acquired from the successful implementation of more than 200 BPO and shared service implementations

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Hive Worx GRC solution enables a business to make the shift from viewing GRC as a compliance and risk management overhead to a function that can deliver real business value. You derive this real business value in the form of:
  • Reduced Risk: Clients can identify and address risks in a meaningful manner so that overall risk is greatly reduced to a great extent
  • Reduced Cost and Improved Profitability: GRC from Hive Worx helps clients improve their control environment, minimize financial loss and identify exceptions and errors on a near real-time basis – reducing the cost of compliance, loss and revenue leakage, while increasing profitability
  • Improved Compliance: The quality of compliance at the client’s end will be greatly enhanced through regular audit and control
  • Enhanced Reputation: GRC from Hive Worx helps clients to minimize the risk and enhance reputation by adhering to compliance activities
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